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Erotic massage "Lotus" is classical body massage with elements of traditional technique of Japanese massage shiatsu. This massage is conducted by body and the main sensitive touching are concentrated on the touching of fingers and warm palms. The main goal of any massage is arousal and rising of your senses on the top of pleasure not by the sex but due to the massage of body, petting and visual and auditory excitement. cost : 65$

The special feature of the erotic massage "Lotus" is conducting of the massage by the absolutely naked masseuse's body. The masseuse selectively influences on the points of your body and repeatedly drives you to ecstasies.
Just like before any massage directed at stimulation of erotic emotions and senses before "Lotus" massage too taking warm relaxing shower is recommended.

This massage as a sweet dream, as a wishful thinking can not leave, disturbs you and you return again and again for giving desirable pleasure.

And now is the same situation. Is it enough to read and dream alone?

Visit me and your dream will become a reality!

Cost: 65$
Duration of massage is 1 hour 30 min

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