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Classic of erotic massage "Body" is conducted by naked body all over your body. The huge stream of emotions, wonderful erotic show, powerful supply of energy, extreme arousal and the way it should be done desired and sweet orgasm. costs: 50$

Erotic massage is unique phenomena. It shows desires which at times you cannot define and explain to your marrow. Nevertheless you body eager new sensations, wants to rest and joy, but your soul requires additional energetic charging. And, of course, every man dreams to appear in affectionate and skillful hands of two unbelievable beauty ladies simultaneously. cost: 120$

Erotic massage "Lotus" is classical body massage with elements of traditional technique of Japanese massage shiatsu. This massage is conducted by body and the main sensitive touching are concentrated on the touching of fingers and warm palms. The main goal of any massage is arousal and rising of your senses on the top of pleasure not by the sex but due to the massage of body, petting and visual and auditory excitement. cost : 65$

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